Wednesday, September 14, 2011

{BIRTHDAY} Signage and Ebleskivers

My mom has this Happy Birthday sign that she would set in front of our plates on our birthdays. I loved it! I also loved picking a favorite breakfast. It was a tie between crepes or ebleskivers. Have you had an ebleskiver? They are a danish pancake and the yummiest thing. You can dip them in jam, powdered sugar, syrup, etc.

A birthday sign and a favorite breakfast is a good way to start your special day, don't you think?


  1. yum yum. These balls are the tastiest!

  2. yum! ebelskivers are amazing! I love filling them with nutella or jam!

  3. I love ebelskivers!They are one of the tastiest breakfast treats on the planet!

    Step 1: Sprinkle with powdered sugar
    Step 2: Inhale