Wednesday, October 31, 2012

{HOLIDAY} Ghastly Gatsby's Halloween Haunt

My roommate Cami and I threw a Halloween dinner party for the second year in a row. This year we went with a 1920s Gatsby theme. We invited 16 people over (even number guys and girls). We started with appetizers, a photo booth in the front patio, and a game. Next we had everyone come inside for dinner. We played a variety of games throughout the night; three rounds of Mafia, the name game and ended with paper bag limbo. Our friend Jann drew the art deco place mats and spray painted the photo booth back drop. It helped to have friends contribute some food. We made assignments of appetizers, drinks, and a side dish. The party was a roaring success! We loved throwing it!  

Happy Halloween!

thanks for the pics dave!
Kristine Party_0010 Kristine Party_0013 Kristine Party_0007 Kristine Party_0014 Kristine Party_0015 Kristine Party_0019 Kristine Party_0021 Kristine Party_0022 Kristine Party_0025 Kristine Party_0046 Kristine Party_0030 Kristine Party_0035

iphone pictures:
photo 3 photo 1 IMG_4383 IMG_4388 IMG_4395 IMG_4394 IMG_4378 IMG_4423 photo 2 IMG_4420 IMG_4419 IMG_4418 photo 2 IMG_4406 IMG_4403 IMG_4417 photo 3 IMG_4422

Monday, October 29, 2012

{HOLIDAY} Porters Annual Halloween Dinner

I posted about my sisters Halloween dinners that they do for their families last year. My sister Jane took pictures at my other sister Annie's Halloween dinner. Her kids look forward to it like it's Christmas morning. It's one of their favorite traditions. 

This year they did more kid friendly food with creepy names. Dessert is not pictured but was Bat Nests - coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate. 

IMG_3860 IMG_3861 IMG_3864
The Menu:

Blood Shot Eyeballs
IMG_3868 IMG_3869
Frankenstein Salad

Mummy BunsIMG_3873 IMG_3874 IMG_3875 IMG_3881
Scarecrow Fingers
IMG_3883 IMG_3890 IMG_3893 IMG_3896 IMG_3900

Amazing job Annie! 

{HOLIDAY} Bat Surprise Balls

Last year was pumpkin surprise balls, this year I made them into bats! My mom "hires" me to make them for the grandkids. She just pays for the stuff and I make. Happy to do so! I wish I could watch all my nieces and nephews unravel the little treasures. 

IMG_4175 IMG_4182 IMG_4187 IMG_4197