Tuesday, October 18, 2011

{HOLIDAY} Halloween Surprise Balls

This is my first time making Halloween themed surprise ball and I like it. My nieces and nephews are already excited to unravel these on Halloween. I found all of these goods at Target. There were so many fun Halloween trinkets that are perfect for a surprise ball. Spider rings, silly bandz, tiny skeletons, parachute bats, etc.I bought Halloween play dough for the center of the surprise ball and the fillers included pumpkin erasers, stickers, candy, bats, a small game, and my favorite: chocolate eyeballs.
Surprise Balls011

Surprise Balls013

Surprise Balls018

Surprise Balls020

Surprise Balls022

Surprise Balls024
I wrapped the outside in orange crepe paper and for the stem I twisted green crepe paper and glued it on the top. And there you have it: Pumpkin Surprise Balls.
Surprise Balls007


  1. yep, really cute. Maybe the babies in nursery want to make these?

  2. so cute!! what a perfect treasure for the kidzz. my fav part is the look of the finished product.

  3. LOVE these! You are so creative and super cute! I'm going to have to steal your great idea!

  4. so cute!!! i love surprise ball even more when they look like cute little pumpkins :)