Thursday, October 20, 2011

{HOLIDAY} Halloween Mystery Dinner 2010 Part 1

My sisters put on this Halloween Mystery Dinner every year for their kids. I've been a part of a couple of them and they are the coolest! And the kids love it so much they talk about it all year long. Not joking. My sisters come up with a menu and by the name of the dish you may not know what you'll be eating. The surprise is so exciting for the kids. ie. Frankenstein's Special - broccoli soup. Melted witch - green jello.

This was last year's menu:
Mystery Dinner_0002
Do you see the ghosts?
Mystery Dinner_0009

Mystery Dinner_0018
Swamp Juice:
Mystery Dinner_0019
Mummy Head:
Mystery Dinner_0017
Lady Fingers:
Graveyard Delight:
Mystery Dinner_0020