Sunday, January 13, 2013

{HOLIDAY} Christmas Eve Surprise Balls

The tradition continues of my nieces and nephews opening surprise balls on Christmas Eve. This year I found these cool animal ornaments for the center of the surprise ball. Maybe I'll start doing an ornament in the center from now on. They could each have a pretty great collection when they are older! 
I imagined these really cute reindeers in my head and they didn't exactly turn out like I pictured... but guess what? The kids could care less what the outside looks like. :)
IMG_5240 IMG_5244 IMG_4492 IMG_4502 IMG_4503

Friday, November 30, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Saylor's Bowling Party

My niece Saylor turned 9 and my sister threw her a really fun bowling party. The kids got dropped off at Saylor's house and ate snacks and played pictionary while waiting for everyone to arrive. Then they headed over to the bowling alley. It's a great age for a bowling party because these kids need no instruction. They put on their own shoes, they pick out their own ball, and they get the game started. It was awesome. We couldn't bring our own food into the bowling alley so after the games were over we laid out blankets in the grass outside and ate donuts and chocolate milk. Saylor opened presents while waiting for the parents came to pick up their kid.
The favor: purple and orange gum balls.

Saylor Party084 Saylor Party100 Saylor Party093 Saylor Party070 Saylor Party064 Saylor Party061 Saylor Party049 Saylor Party047 Saylor Party033 Saylor Party021 Saylor Party005

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{HOLIDAY} Thanksgiving Picnic

We decided to do Thanksgiving at a park this year and change up the menu. We did a picnic instead: 3 variations on turkey paninis, apple butternut squash soup, salads and potato chips. Though I do love the traditional Thanksgiving meal I think most agreed that we didn't miss that dinner one bit. My sister planned a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt for the kids after dinner and they had fun running around doing that. Our picnic tables were right next to the playground and the kids loved that too. 
So grateful that I could spend Thanksgiving with most of my family (missed siblings that couldn't come)! 

IMG_4306 IMG_4309 IMG_4317 IMG_4318 IMG_4324 IMG_4329 IMG_0451_0456 IMG_0449_0454 photo-96 IMG_4394 Thanksgiving_0121 Thanksgiving_0122 Thanksgiving_0107 IMG_0643_0648 IMG_4424 Thanksgiving_0216 IMG_0502_0507 IMG_4432 IMG_0654_0659 IMG_0657_0662

IMG_0670_0675 IMG_0666_0671


Sunday, November 25, 2012

{HOLIDAY} Thanksgiving kid craft

My sisters Egan and Jane came to town for Thanksgiving as well as my parents. It was the best to have family visiting and enjoy Thanksgiving in the sunshine! Gorgeous weather here! We always put Egan and Jane in charge of crafts at family reunions or holidays because they just kill it every time. We knew we'd need something to keep my nieces and nephews busy while food was being prepared. Egan and Jane had cut paper feathers of all sizes and colors laid out on the table and let the kids pick out feathers and staple them to a headband. I loved how they turned out!

IMG_4339 IMG_4345 IMG_4349 IMG_4352 IMG_4355 IMG_4358 IMG_4360 IMG_4362 IMG_4364 IMG_4368 IMG_4373 IMG_4379 IMG_4390 IMG_4395 IMG_4406 IMG_4429