Tuesday, November 27, 2012

{HOLIDAY} Thanksgiving Picnic

We decided to do Thanksgiving at a park this year and change up the menu. We did a picnic instead: 3 variations on turkey paninis, apple butternut squash soup, salads and potato chips. Though I do love the traditional Thanksgiving meal I think most agreed that we didn't miss that dinner one bit. My sister planned a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt for the kids after dinner and they had fun running around doing that. Our picnic tables were right next to the playground and the kids loved that too. 
So grateful that I could spend Thanksgiving with most of my family (missed siblings that couldn't come)! 

IMG_4306 IMG_4309 IMG_4317 IMG_4318 IMG_4324 IMG_4329 IMG_0451_0456 IMG_0449_0454 photo-96 IMG_4394 Thanksgiving_0121 Thanksgiving_0122 Thanksgiving_0107 IMG_0643_0648 IMG_4424 Thanksgiving_0216 IMG_0502_0507 IMG_4432 IMG_0654_0659 IMG_0657_0662

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  1. Oh man, these pictures are awesome! And the food pics are killing me right me as I sit at the airport headin home. Camp and Hou in the stream, and so many great shots.

  2. LOVE your new template! So snazzy!

    Can I please be adopted into your family so I can eat like a King? You guys rock it in the food department, seriously. I'm craving a panini now...infact so much that I'll probably go get one tomorrow for lunch. Fun 'twist' on Thanksgiving!

  3. HOLY SMOKES. that was THE best thanksgiving. i loved the food, outdoors, craft, game, kids, everything.

  4. Yum! Those paninis look so good! I love how you ceded to change it up a bit. And I love that you were outside, so beautiful!