Friday, November 30, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Saylor's Bowling Party

My niece Saylor turned 9 and my sister threw her a really fun bowling party. The kids got dropped off at Saylor's house and ate snacks and played pictionary while waiting for everyone to arrive. Then they headed over to the bowling alley. It's a great age for a bowling party because these kids need no instruction. They put on their own shoes, they pick out their own ball, and they get the game started. It was awesome. We couldn't bring our own food into the bowling alley so after the games were over we laid out blankets in the grass outside and ate donuts and chocolate milk. Saylor opened presents while waiting for the parents came to pick up their kid.
The favor: purple and orange gum balls.

Saylor Party084 Saylor Party100 Saylor Party093 Saylor Party070 Saylor Party064 Saylor Party061 Saylor Party049 Saylor Party047 Saylor Party033 Saylor Party021 Saylor Party005


  1. that girl! i love the coed party! yaa-eahh! the treats are dynamite and the gum ball favor is soarin.

  2. What lovely looking children--I don't think they will be moaning over their childhood photos in years to come. Great party too!

  3. another party homerun! i love how saylor's necklace matches the theme.

  4. The donuts are my fave. Good choice! And why are your nieces and nephews so darn cute?!? I just love 'em!