Sunday, October 28, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Sweet 16

I helped plan and throw a sweet 16 birthday party last weekend. I've never helped with a sweet 16 party and it was so fun! That is such a fun age, remember how awesome it was to turn 16! This birthday girl is the coolest. She had a lot of ideas and new what she wanted which was helpful in planning. We had the party at the Aliso Creek Inn and golf course. It's gorgeous! Aliso Creek catered the food. We had chocolate fondue, a donut bar, hot chocolate station, pizza, pop corn and cotton candy bags. Sounds like a lot huh! I thought so too but with around 100 teens at a party the food was devoured and it was nice to have options. 
We got a photo booth at the party which was a HIT. You could chose black and white or colored pictures and it printed 2 strips. At the end of the party they gave the birthday girl an album of the pictures and a disc with all the images! The DJ was awesome and the kids danced all night long. McKenna, the birthday girl wanted a candy station too we ordered darling bags from Zurchers, the candy from Smart and Final, and scoops from The Container store
The decor was simple, not much needed when you are in a gorgeous canyon. Giant balloons and tissue paper tassels were just enough and Mckenna helped paint some signage on wood. 
The party was a success! Even the rain couldn't ruin this party. phew!
IMG_0107 IMG_0112 IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0119 IMG_0120 IMG_0128 IMG_0130 IMG_0133 IMG_0136 IMG_0157 IMG_0145 IMG_0161 IMG_0168 IMG_0187 IMG_0192 IMG_0196


  1. i wanna turn 16 again! she knows what's up. you did a great job teen.

  2. This is sweet! Those are some stylish 16 year olds!

  3. Oh man, those heels! So tall!! I so did not look like that as a 16 year old! Great job!!