Monday, September 24, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Egan Rocks Birthday Party

My sister Egan and my mom came to town last weekend and we celebrated Egan's birthday. We had a birthday dinner for her on Sunday. It was a 'You Rock' birthday party.  It was a simple family party but the little details were worth it. 

Egan Holly_0058 Egan Holly_0063 Egan Holly_0068 Egan Holly_0074 Egan Holly_0090Egan Holly_0094 IMG_3757 Egan Holly_0097
Dessert was grilled peaches and pineapple drizzled in dark chocolate
IMG_3773 IMG_3780 IMG_3781


  1. How can so much beauty exist in one family? I can't stop staring at all of you. Amazing.

  2. Those peaches look amazing! What a great treat. Plus- Eagan's top is adorable.

  3. Oh girl, I LOVE that tablecloth! And the chocolate drizzled fruit? Sounds amazin'. Egan is so cute! Nice work on this sweet party!