Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Guest Post by Annie: A Top 10 Birthday Party

My sister Annie threw a super cool party for her new 10 year old. I'll let Annie tell you the rest.
A Top Ten Birthday Party for a 10 year old girl.
Elise could not decide what she wanted to do for her party this year. Too may favorite things, I guess. That was the inspiration behind a Top Ten party. We made a list of some of her favorite things and build a party around that. Because of time constraints we couldn't DO ten things, so we incorporated ten things throughout the night.

(invites designed by our sister Egan)

2012.February 028
Elise's favorite color is blue and was used in the decor. Jane busted out the garland.
2012.February 031
We started with a craft project. It was simple yet fun and flexible. The girls could use their own creativity. I bought canvas tote bags (Hobby Lobby had the best deal) and fabric paint (Tulip brand from JoAnns). Using this tutorial, I created freezer paper stencil for each girl's initial. Then the girls created their own stencils for the other side (most of them did hearts or chevron stripes). It is easy but it does take time for the paint to dry. So while the one side is drying, we got stencils ready for the other side (note - the girls had a harder time using the xacto knife then I expected). We also did a photoshoot with the girls and had Elise's favorite tunes playing in the background.
2012.February 040

2012.February 079

2012.February 127

Elise LOVES soccer but most of her friends don't. So we knew they wouldn't want to actually play soccer. Instead we created a 'pin the soccer ball' game. I took a picture of Elise in all her soccer gear and had it enlarged on paper at Kinkos (about $4). Then I made small soccer balls. They tried to pin the soccer ball to Elise's head. It was silly and there was lots of giggling!
2012.February 090

2012.February 098
Elise doesn't really love cake but she LOVES ice cream sundaes. So that's what we did. The girls loved it and went crazy with toppings and treats. Blue sprinkles topped them off. We also had some cupcakes to go along with it.
2012.February 044

2012.February 026
To finish up the night we had a late night movie - The Parent Trap (Lindsey Lohan in her better days). The girls loved it and the movie and treats and popcorn (10 bags of popcorn! they gobbled it right up!)

2012.February 152

Who doesn't love presents? Her friends brought darling gifts. I had each girl sit with Elise as she opened the gift. Perfect change to take some pictures and for Elise to be attentive to her friends.

When the girls left that night, I had put some fun party favors in their new canvas tote. A little blue stripped paper bag with some of Elise's favorite treats (gum and cookies and cream hershey bars). And a cute clipboard from the dollar spot at Target.
Elise's most favorite thing - being with friends. She has the greatest group of talented, smart, and cute friends. I loved being with them for the night.


  1. Great job Annie!!! I love the theme of this party. Turning 10 is such a big deal it's a fun way to celebrate it and also fitting for older girls. way cute. Love the colors too.

  2. What a cute party! I love the garland, and i love the tote bags! I've been on the hunt for some, so i'm gonna have to check out hob lob! Thanks for the tip!