Monday, June 18, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Jane's 27th

My twin sister and I had a birthday on June 7th. We live in different states so we have to celebrate separately. Our older sister and some friends threw her a really great party and I had to share. The party was at a canyon near Salt Lake City called Mountain Dell and they reserved a spot. Some simple decor hung to make it feel like a party. For food they had cookies, popcorn, and a spread for banana boats (bananas, graham crackers, chocolate, marsh mellows) and they could be roasted at the fire.
Pictures of Jane were printed and it created a backdrop for a photobooth. A friend provided speakers and it got a dance party going. The night even ended with a personalized rap! 
Looks like I missed out on a great party.

see Jane's post here
Picture 3 IMG_2221 Picture 2 IMG_2253 IMG_2234 IMG_2245 IMG_2272 Picture 1 IMG_2308 IMG_2293 IMG_2291 IMG_2364 IMG_2342 IMG_2318

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  1. so fun oh my gosh! i love your parties!! i wanna be in utah so i can come ;) looks like you have some amazing and fun friends, so happy you are doing well and partying lots and had a wonderful birthday away from kristine.