Monday, July 9, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Guest Post by Jane: Maggie's Hip POP Hooray 26th Birthday

My twin sister has guest posted before and I love the party she recently threw for one of our best friends, Maggie. 

For Maggie's 26th birthday the idea came pretty easy to throw her a backyard summer party with her favorite treat: popcorn. 
There were 5 kinds of popcorn: olive oil + sea salt, caramel, marshmallow + chocolate, reese's pieces+white chocolate, and kettle corn. Brown paper bags were used to hold the large amounts of popcorn. Made for easy clean up too.
A few friends helped with cookies, rice krispy treats, and drinks. 
Summer nights in a backyard make the perfect setting.

Picture 5 IMG_2437 IMG_2438IMG_2448 Picture 3 IMG_2447


  1. Those different kinds of popcorn look so delish right now. We love popcorn!!! My fav? kettle. For sure. Do you remember the movie nights on the green....somewhere in Seattle? I can't remember what park it was! DANG IT! But anyways, they always have freshly made kettle corn and I would eat the entire bag by myself in 5 seconds. yuuummmmo!

  2. Still blown away by this. So good. And pretty adorable in those big brown bags. Nothing says I love you like big candied popcorn bags in your face.

  3. LOVE! Can you share all the pop corn recipes!?? Please?!

  4. Oh my goodness, there's nothing I wouldn't do to have you guys throw me a birthday bash. Please please share those popcorn recipes. I love Maggie! I'd marry her if I could.

  5. I love the popcorn idea and the brown paper bags! So cute and clever. :)