Sunday, March 18, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Campbell and Houston turn 2

My niece Campbell and her cousin Houston turn 2 just a few days apart so this year they combined a birthday party. The party was on St. Patricks Day which made a rainbow / shamrock theme easy! The mothers of these two did most of the work, I just assisted and flipped some pancakes. They are masters at parties. They served brunch, a selection of chocolate chip pancakes and green whipped cream, cereal with green milk, zucchini whole wheat donuts, and fruit skewers.
It was a cold and rainy Saturday in Orange County which killed the plans of having this party outdoors but everything still worked out. After eating brunch the kids had fun water coloring their name (idea from Dandee), stringing dyed noodles, tossing gold bean bags into a cauldron, and playing with balls and bikes in the garage.
(i think my favorite picture is of the dads chillin hard in the living room!)

2012.03 Campbell Party001

2012.03 Campbell Party005

2012.03 Campbell Party006

2012.03 Campbell Party015

2012.03 Campbell Party017

2012.03 Campbell Party012

2012.03 Campbell Party011

2012.03 Campbell Party009

2012.03 Campbell Party008

2012.03 Campbell Party013

2012.03 Campbell Party016

2012.03 Campbell Party019

2012.03 Campbell Party020

2012.03 Campbell Party035

2012.03 Campbell Party021

2012.03 Campbell Party007

2012.03 Campbell Party025

2012.03 Campbell Party037

2012.03 Campbell Party029

2012.03 Campbell Party027

2012.03 Campbell Party026

2012.03 Campbell Party024

2012.03 Campbell Party018

2012.03 Campbell Party028

2012.03 Campbell Party033

2012.03 Campbell Party031

2012.03 Campbell Party030

2012.03 Campbell Party014

2012.03 Campbell Party003
Thank you Dave for the pictures!!


  1. hey camp, why so serious? teener, I'm so in love. What a great party you guys threw. I want one of those donuts! Those rainbow noodles are so cool. Great variety of activities. Great pictures.

  2. I love the pasta necklaces! The party looks amazing! Such great pictures and you guys did everything to perfection!

  3. Those donuts look delish!!!! What a fun party idea! I need to step up my game for brinley's 3rd birthday this year!

  4. Love the party and the pics. Made me feel like I was there! Everything looks simple, fun, and stress free--so you and the moms must be magicians!

  5. Just took off my top hat, or whatever magicians wear. Actually it wasn't magic just making a nice collaborative effort. I'm converted, simple is better! I love the details but less is more at these things. Teen you're Queen! You know how to step in and get a job done. xoxo

  6. OH man. What a great party! Gimme some o' those donuts.

    Campbell is such a cutie. :)