Thursday, August 23, 2012

{PARTY} Dinner for a large gathering

One Sunday each month my mom cooks dinner for a group from church. The group could range from 20-40 + people. She's been doing this for 9 years or more and has it down to a science. It's pretty amazing to witness. I've learned a lot from watching her: what types of food are good for large groups, what are crowd pleasers, how to host, how to clean up as you go, and how to present food nicely. 
I think it's helpful to take mental notes at parties you attend of what makes it successful or unsuccessful and why. It'll make you a better host I think.

A couple desserts made for this particular evening. Strawberry rhubarb crisp and brown sugar cookies (forgot to sift the powdered sugar!!)
IMG_1544 IMG_1543


  1. that's the best tradition i've ever heard. i wanna do it someday, and have that green yard

  2. she's a miracle worker. it's amazing what she can put together for a large group. it's good stuff and so thoughtfully prepared. I love that backyard so much.

  3. Major respect for your mom. She must be really popular with activities and the Relief Society.

  4. How does Holly do it all?!?! She is like Martha Stewart, I swear it! What a great mother you have. :)