Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{HOLIDAY} Halloween Mystery Dinner 2011 Part 2

Here is the final post in my Halloween Mystery Dinner series. I helped my sister Jen put together this dinner for her family the Sunday before Halloween. Last year my niece Brooklyn thought it was too scary so we tamed it town and didn't go for the scary feel.


Mystery Dinner_0002

Mystery Dinner_0015
A menu was on each plate and the kids took turn ordering. I found the printable for the front cover here.
Mystery Dinner_0004

Mystery Dinner_0031

Mystery Dinner_0029
Spider Fish Tacos. Idea from here.
Bat Fruit Skewers. Idea from this darling party.
Mystery Dinner_0025

Mystery Dinner_0028
Boston "Scream" Pie. Wasn't as delicious as hoped.
Mystery Dinner_0034

After dinner the kids opened their surprise balls!

photos: Dave

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