Friday, December 30, 2011

{BIRTHDAY} My Mom's 60th - Birthday Breakfast

My Mom's birthday is Dec. 26th. We've always tried to make her feel special on her birthday but Christmas chaos can sometimes take over. This year was a big year so we planned to make it special. Two of my sisters and I were in Seattle for Christmas so it was just 5 of us for Christmas and birthday celebrations.
We started with breakfast - our favorite meal. Jane made her waffles, which are the best! Egan had everyone in the family make a card and she taped them to the wall in the dining room.
Going with our theme "You're Sparkly and Wise" we bought her something sparkly to wear all day: earrings from Anthropologie.
After breakfast we sat around while she opened presents. I think my dad wrapped 60 gifts, so sweet. My siblings and I gifted her a photo book with pictures from our family reunion at Bear Lake. We also got her the newest Kinfolk magazine.
We spent the rest of the morning on an "urban hike" in Seattle, going to Pho for lunch and a movie in the afternoon.
pictures from her birthday dinner to come..










  1. Oooo I love your mama! Those earrings are to die for. Totally caught my eye!

  2. I like the banner on top of the waffles!

  3. I've always thought your mom was classy. And I don't even know her. She reminds me of Diane Keaton. Love her and your family! What a sweet birthday!

  4. These look fantastic! I have never thought to put citrus on a waffle before, but I think this would taste great. It's on my 2012 list to "TRY"! Happy Bday to your Mama' too:)

  5. You sisters are stunners. When I read you twin blogs I always wish in my heart I was a sister too.