Monday, December 19, 2011

{PARTY} Christmas Cruise

I help with the Activities at my church. For our Christmas party this year we were invited by another ward to do a Christmas Cruise in Newport. It was a huge success. Over 200 people came! The catered food was delicious and there were 3 floors that people could spread out and find a place to sit and eat with friends. The 2nd floor there was a photo booth set up. And the bottom level turned into the dance party after dinner.
We also had a professional photographer come and take pictures of the party. It was so nice to have someone capture the event and all the people that came! He emailed us these images and even added a border! So festive :)

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.54.26 PM

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.52.00 PM

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.51.36 PM

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.49.30 PM

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.49.02 PM

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.50.06 PM
(look at me snooping over this girls shoulder. and i don't even know her!!)
Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.52.11 PM

Screen shot 2011-12-09 at 6.48.03 PM


  1. Trustina! You look gorgeous! pretty nail color too.

  2. A Christmas Cruise! Holy! Well I would have died and gone to heaven.
    And you're really pretty.

  3. kristine. your hair looks awesome. your lips are sooo pretty that color. so pretty!!!

  4. SO fabulous. Your hair. Your sweater. Your nails. Your jewelry.

    You are gooooorgeous :-)

  5. Ditto the comments from above. You look stunning! And that is the most awesome ward Christmas party, ever.

  6. OK, First of all, you look gorg w/ that RED lippy and second of all, this party looks SO FUN! Night cruise, lights, friends, pictures, etc.

    You sure know how to party girlfriend!