Wednesday, December 21, 2011

{HOLIDAY} Girls Night/ Holiday Style

My friend Shauna hosted a girls night last week. We arrived at her house to homemade tortilla soup, veggie dip (to die for!) with a lovely assortment of veggies, and homemade rolls. So dinner was delicious! After dinner we spent a couple hours decorating sugar cookies. They are the prettiest cookies I've ever decorated. It was fun to learn a new technique. Shauna's house was cozy and she didn't leave out a detail. I loved it!
After decorating cookies we piled in the car and went to see a Christmas light display in her neighborhood. This house means business. They have their own radio station and the lights are set to the music. Incredible.
See her post about the party here.
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  1. This is so fabulous! What a great set-up! Almost too pretty to touch! Love the end result cookies!