Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Brooklyn's Golden Birthday

My niece Brooklyn just had a Golden birthday. She turned 6 on January 6th! When planning her birthday party we took inspiration from my niece Quinn's party because she too had her Golden birthday this year! I helped my sister Jen throw the party for Brooklyn. We had so much fun thinking for gold details, food, and games for the party. We decided to add pops of pink in the color scheme. The party was a major success!

The Decor:
Balloons: A was ballon tied to each chair that each guest got to take home.
They were Stoked about getting a balloon!
Giant Confetti: For the table we cute out giant confetti and scattered them on the table.
Votives: Gold votives found at Target.
Party Hats: Gold Crown party hats (my sister Annie mailed us the left overs from Quinn's party!)
Centerpiece: The dessert was the centerpiece. The cupcakes looked so pretty and had gold sprinkles and tall gold candles.
Garland: We used the same garland we made for my Mom's party but took out the silver tissue paper and added more gold!
2012 Golden Birthday004

2012 Golden Birthday006

2012 Golden Birthday007

2012 Golden Birthday008

2012 Golden Birthday010
When the party guests arrived we had them go to the craft table and decorated a crown that would be used later for 'Pin the Crown on Brooklyn.' There was glitter, gems, letter stickers, etc.

Dinner is served! Jen made homemade macaroni and cheese in ramekin dishes. She also had a platter of veggies and a platter of fruit. The macaroni was delicious!!! But the sad truth is, kids just don't eat that much at parties and we ended up throwing most of it away :(. But they did all want 2 cupcakes. haha.

2012 Golden Birthday020
After dinner we had them split into 2 groups. Older brothers Jackson and Tanner took one group to dance to Just Dance 3 on the Wii. The girls loooved it!! They took the dancing very seriously. ha!
Screen shot 2012-01-10 at 7.57.12 AM
Older sister Saylor took the other group to play 'Pin the Crown on Brooklyn.'
2012 Golden Birthday021

2012 Golden Birthday022

2012 Golden Birthday024
When girls were done pinning the crown they could get their nails painted glittery gold!
After each group was done with their activity, they swapped.
2012 Golden Birthday026

2012 Golden Birthday002

2012 Golden Birthday025
Cake time. While they ate cupcakes she opened presents.
Screen shot 2012-01-10 at 7.54.33 AM

2012 Golden Birthday030
The girls were soo excited about the pinata. (see the darling behind the pinata holding herself!) The sad part was that the pinata wasn't taped well enough at the bottom and with one hit, it opened. I think they were bummed they didn't get a swing, but that didn't last long because there was gold candy to pick up!
2012.01 Brookie BDay_0235K

2012 Golden Birthday033

2012 Golden Birthday034
Brooklyn's Dad set up the photo booth. Always grateful to have a photographer at a party!!
Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 10.53.41 PM

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 11.16.17 PM

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 11.13.26 PM

Screen shot 2012-01-09 at 11.18.21 PM
Favors: gold and pink candy, bracelet, and gold mardi gras necklace.
2012 Golden Birthday009

2012 Golden Birthday028
I was so happy with how the party turned out. Jen is a wonderful host too, relaxed and so organized.


  1. I wanna party as good and as much as you party!

  2. ooooh kay. OK. listen.
    1. really like how you were wise and economical and used the garland from Mom's and the crown's from Quinn's. wise.
    2. those cupcakes. real real great. esp. candles.
    3. good idea to have the kids come in and immediately be involved in a craft that could also be used for an activity later. genius.
    4. involving the older siblings. brillz.
    5. you and jen and shauna look so pretty of course
    6. great pictures. really like the large confetti and balloons

  3. Looks like a great party! Love the idea of dividing the girls up in stations.

  4. This is seriously amazing! I love the cupcakes. I love the pinata. I love the decor. I love it all.

    Can I share it on my blog? I just love it. Great job!

  5. This party theme looks so much fun! A sure fire hit for little girls who love glitter, nail polish and getting dressed up.
    kid party brooklyn, ny