Sunday, January 22, 2012

{HOLIDAY} Valentine's Day Breakfast

My sister showed me this recipe for Double Chocolate Waffles in the Our Best Bites cookbook. Topped with a homemade berry sauce. In fact the recipe was created for a Valentine's Day breakfast, perfect!
Make the table special with flowers and a little love note on each plate. I used wrapping paper for a quick plate mat and you don't need much more decor then that, especially since we set up in the back yard. And turns out the kids don't really care they just want to inhale the waffles.

2012.01 Faux Vday_0014

2012.01 Faux Vday_0017

2012.01 Faux Vday_0019

2012.01 Faux Vday_0021

2012.01 Faux Vday_0023

2012.01 Faux Vday_0025

2012.01 Faux Vday_0028

2012.01 Faux Vday_0036

2012.01 Faux Vday_0039


  1. Those waffles sound like a need situation.

  2. Come be my valentine right now.

  3. i'd kill to have you plan/decorate any party or event that i was in charge of. i'd be in good hands and heaven only knows i'm terrible with this kind of stuff.

  4. So cute! And delicious. I'm doing this on Valentine's Day for my little valentines... You're the best aunt ever.

  5. Girl, this is awesome. I'm loving the wallpaper placemats. So clever! This table is beautifully simple.