Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{BIRTHDAY} Guest Post by Egan: Courtney's 30th Birthday

My sister Egan (with the help of Jane) threw a dance party for our friend Courtney that turned 30. They've been besties since they were kids and they knew exactly what kind of party Courntey would want. Egan is a designer at 3Form and one of the most talented and capable people I know. I knew with the powers of Egan and Jane they'd throw and incredible party.
Thanks for sharing Egan.


Courtney was turning 30! There was really no other option but to have a dance party for her 30th. All her favorite people in a big space together poppin off! Jane and I started brainstorming.

I happen to have a massive garage in my back yard so it was the obvious space for the party. Courtney's friends don't really need motivation to dance... it's a favorite past time. But since we were in a cold garage in December it was even more incentive to dance. (Eventually the garage got nice and toasty.)
We set up a photo booth. (a great way to document who was with you on your 30th!)
There is only so much you can do in a huge garage on a limited budget. So decorations were bright, fun and low key. We picked 4 head-shots of our birthday star, xerox copied at a high contrast in black and cut them out in circles. We hung them around the garage to give some color to the space. We also made a garland, unrestricted by a color scheme we used a rainbow of colors. It definitely felt like a party once that was hung. Turning a big plain space into a place that felt like a party!
Food was simple: We made things Courtney likes: a funfetti cake, slush made by a friend, and treats brought by other friends.
One of our friends helped set up the lighting and testing for the photo booth. We also made this pinata and a last minute decision was to let Courtney just have at it. Brillant!


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  1. Party Palace--it is no longer just a garage! I love the photos and the way cool garland.